Tickets Are On Sale For Bitcoin Scalability Workshop In Italy

It appears as if a new Scaling Bitcoin event has been scheduled for October 8th and 9th of 2016. This new event will take place in Milan, Italy, and solely focus on Bitcoin scalability workshops. It is the third time a Scaling Bitcoin Workshop will be held. We can only hope the scalability issues have been solved by that time, though.

Bitcoin Scalability Workshop Milan

The primary purpose of these Bitcoin Scalability Workshops is to improve bitcoin performance in a multitude of ways. For now, the team behind this event is looking for technical proposals to achieve this goal. Submitted proposals can come in the form of either presentations or an interactive workshop.

For those users who are unable to attend the third Bitcoin Scalability Workshop in Milan, the event will be live-streamed. Interested parties can participate remotely through the IRC chat. Questions can be asked to the panellists, and a few of the organisers will keep tabs on which remarks are coming through IRC during the event.

Do keep in mind these workshops will not be two full days of coding by any means. The vast majority of scalability improvements will be made in the coming months, and show up in the Bitcoin Core repository on GitHub. These workshops serve to raise awareness about different ideas and opinions to make Bitcoin better as a whole.

A ton of sponsors have been confirmed for this event already. BTCC is one of the Silver sponsors, whereas companies such as Bitonic, Genesis Mining, and Netki are all Bronze sponsors. Digital Currency Group is also on the sponsors list, as they want to keep a close eye on these proposals, and help shape the future of Bitcoin at the same time.

Tickets are on sale for this event right now, and interested parties should RSVP as soon as possible. Eventbrite is handling all of the ticket sales, and attending this event will set users back US$300 + a fee. Payments cannot be made in Bitcoin, unfortunately, as Eventbrite only accepts PayPal and credit cards.

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