Thomson Reuters Doubles Down on Ethereum With New Blockchain Hackathon

Thomson Reuters is a well-respected name in the world of finance and research. In recent months, the group has been focusing its attention on blockchain technology. To be more precise, they have taken a liking to what Ethereum has to offer. The company is now partnering with Ethereum and a few others to host a weekend-long blockchain hackathon in London, England.

A Strategic Partnership For Blockchain Research

Thomson Reuters is not the only enterprise who are showing significant interest in Ethereum blockchain technology. Doubling down on these interests is quite an important move, and the company had partnered with various other entities. Imperial College of London, UCL, Crypto Compare, Ethcore, and Oraclize are all on the list of companies joining forces for this new venture.

The venture in question will be a weekend-long blockchain hackathon, to take place in Canary Wharf, London. Canary Wharf is the financial heart of London, England, and is a premier place for such an event. Engaging with blockchain developers and enthusiasts is the primary purpose, but Thomson Reuters will also bring some of their own tools to the party.

To be more precise, this “never before seen beta tech” is most likely BlockOne ID, a solution developed by Thomson Reuters’ engineers. If this is the case, attendees of the blockchain hackathon will get a hands-on experience with this new technology. It will be interesting to see what this offering capable of.

Hosting such an Ethereum blockchain hackathon needs some financial support as well. Barclays, Innovate Finance, Clearmatics, Coinsilium and Tramonex are all supporting the event. London is a key area for blockchain development, particularly during these uncertain economic times since the Brexit took place.

It is evident for everyone to see Thomson Reuters is very serious about their involvement in the blockchain industry. After joining the R3 blockchain consortium, this hackathon is another step towards embracing distributed ledger technology as a whole. An exciting future lies ahead for Ethereum technology; that much is certain.

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