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Kshitij 2016 Techno-Management Fest Hosts Blockchain Hackathon

There is no denying Bitcoin and blockchain technology are becoming a big trend in developing markets such as India. To showcase the desire of bright minds and companies to explore the boundaries of this innovative technology, a blockchain hackathon will take place during the Techno-Management Fest 2016, which runs from Jan 21-24.

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Kshitij 2016 – Blockchain Meets Techno-Management Fest

For those readers who have never heard of the annual Kshitij Techno-Management Fest in India, this event takes place every year and is one of the largest technology-related events throughout the country. The main goal of such an event is to bring together bright minds, entrepreneurs, investors, and various industry experts.

This year, a new event has been added to the busy schedule in the form of a blockchain hackathon. Similar to other hackathon events around the world, teams will be able to compete with each other, and the three best projects will each receive a prize. By incentivizing developers to explore the boundaries of blockchain technology, more use cases can be created.

When it comes to understanding blockchain technology, its implications transcend the realm of finance. Digital governance, authentication, time stamping, counterfeit protection, and so much more can all be achieved by embracing this powerful technology and thinking outside of the box as to how it can be used to change the world for good.

As one would come to expect from a blockchain hackathon, the most time during this event will be spent on writing and testing code. Even people without prior blockchain experience can participate in this event as there will be various API’s at your disposal, each of which comes with its own set of documentation.

Not all of the precious time should be spent working, though, as there are various workshops and talks to learn something new as well. Also, a dedicated relaxation area will be provided to all participants, along with beverages and food to ensure people have a good time overall.

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Blockchain Hackathon Rules And Prize Money

There are very few rules participants have to abide by, but the most important thing is to send the abstract of their idea to the Kshitij team. Team size is limited to a maximum of four members, and marks will be distributed based on originality, execution and code quality. There will also be a focus on README and INSTALL instructions, which is an important aspect of bringing such disruptive technology to consumers all over the world.

The prize pool is nothing out of the ordinary, as the main goal of this blockchain hackathon is to have fun and come up with new and create ideas to solve real-life problems. The winners will take away one Bitcoin whereas the runners-up will earn 0.5 and 0.25 Bitcoin respectively.

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