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“The Godfather” NFTs are Live on OpenSea and the Ethereum Blockchain

The future of non-fungible tokens looks rather bright. When major global franchises get in on the action, a lot of positive attention will be brought to the blockchain industry.

The latest NFTs to be issued all relate to The Godfather movie franchise.

More NFTs Arrive on the Ethereum Blockchain

The Ethereum-based collectibles are issued by Terra Virtua.

That company has already indicate this is only the first set of NFTs associated with this movie franchise. 

Terra Virtua provides a number of rare and epic quality editions of official The Godfather artwork on the Ethereum blockchain.

Collectibles include scenes, quotes, and characters from the films. 

All NFTs can be purchased on OpenSea, with prices ranging from $0.07 to $73, depending on the quality and offering in question.

This is not the first time major NFTs are issued on the Ethereum blockchain either.

Other projects aim to make fun offerings or simply showcase the potential of this technology.

Slowly but surely, the world of collectibles is entering the digital age.

Through blockchain technology, owners are in full control of their collectibles, and can even trade or sell them directly to other users.

How these NFTs of The Godfather will perform in terms of pricing and enthusiasm, is difficult to predict.

It is, after all, still a movie franchise near and dear to many people’s hearts.