Now.eth Makes it Very Easy to Interact With Ethereum’s Ecosystem

The Ethereum ecosystem continues to grow and expand. The newly announced Now.eth service makes it  a lot easier for users to interact with everything that Ethereum has to offer.

Numerous solutions exist for enthusiasts to interact with dApps and smart contracts.

Now.eth can Become Very Powerful

Most of those concepts require users to leave their trusted wallet, however.

The Now.eth team has come up with an interesting solution that could unlock a ton of potential for Ethereum.

This new interface lets users purchase tokens through Uniswap, wrap their Ether, and interact with most dApps.

This is made possible with the help of the Uniswap Exchange and the Ethereum Name System.

Although the buying of tokens isn’t anything new, being able to use them isn’t always straightforward.

Through Now.eth, users can wrap Ether and receive Weth in return.

Other tokens, such as DAI, are supported as well through Uniswap’s token contracts.

Even if a fall back doesn’t exist, there will be a contract that will hotkey virtually all Ethereum dApps from one’s wallet directly. 

A lot of Ethereum enthusiasts will be glad they don’t have to juggle numerous interfaces and wallets to interact with dApps.

The team is confident this will user in the new generation of dApps and their usage.

This approach should also make it more difficult for centralized entities to prevent this type of activity altogether.

There is no one to trust and no central party, as everything occurs through Ethereum itself.