The CIA Prepares A Major Cyber Attack Against Russia

The situation between the United States and Russia will soon take a turn for the worse. There is a rumor circulating regarding the CIA preparing for a large-scale cyber attack against Russia. For now it remains unknown what the exact target will be, although the reasoning behind this plan is not all that difficult to find.

A New Cyber War Is Brewing And It Is Coming Quickly

Not too long ago, it became apparent that there was a cyber attack against various US voting systems. With the Presidential campaigns in full effect as we speak, such a cyber attack would have widespread consequences. While it remains unclear who is behind this hacking attempt, a lot of people are scrutinizing Russia over its alleged involvement.

Such an attack can not be left unanswered, and there are rumors that the CIA is already plotting its revenge. Sources claim that there will be a major cyber attack against Russian systems in the coming weeks, although specifics remain unclear right now. If there is any truth to these speculations, original sourceanything could be possible.

NBC News is the source reporting these allegations. According to them, the White House has asked the CIA to prepare attacks against several Russian installations. The primary objective is to ensure that the Russian government will be discredited in some capacity. Doing so will not take all that much effort, though, as Russia is slowly digging its own political grave with their shenanigans.


So far, the CIA has allegedly drafted their plans to pick specific targets. Apparently, there are leaked documents which would discredit Vladimir Putin, as he has apparently used “distasteful tactics”. Specific details are impossible to come by right now, though, and this information has not been confirmed by official sources.

It is not the first time that these rumors have come to the surface, as the US government has hinted at cyber attacks against Russia in recent months. While it is true that they want to do something against the mounting number of data breaches against US companies, none of those hacks are officially related to Russian hackers either. Some evidence points in that direction, but that is as far as things go right now.

American law enforcement agencies are showing their true colors. The FBI has been scrutinized over their hacking method as of late, and they have certainly exceeded their warrant’s limitations. Now that the CIA will start the world cyber war by taking out Russian targets, things are taking a turn for the worse.

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