FBI Warrant For PlayPen Investigation Deemed Invalid By Yet Another Judge

There has been yet another development in the PlayPen case, as a third judge deemed the FBI warrant invalid. It is evident for everyone to see that law enforcement officials went above and beyond what they were legally allowed to do to infiltrate this platform. All of the evidence gathered from this investigation needs to be oppressed.

FBI Strikes Out Again In PlayPen Investigation

It is not the first time that the FBI faces legal backlash over their PlayPen activities. Now that a third judge has deemed their warrant invalid, it looks like more evidence related to this case will be thrown out. Hacking Tor users to unmask users is one thing, but using a warrant that does not condone this type of behavior is something else entirely.

Keeping in mind how close to 200 different court cases have come forth from this one warrant, there is a significant risk of having more evidence thrown out in the coming months. Although the Iowa Federal judge dismissed the warrant as valid, the evidence is not being dropped. However, this decision stalls the PlayPen investigation itself, which is a cause of great concern.

So far more than a dozen federal judges have deemed the FBI warrant related to the PlayPen case invalid. Unfortunately, very few of them deem the gathered evidence as invalid, which seems to indicate a conflicted feeling. Then again, the law states any evidence that is procured in an illegal or unlawful manner should be dismissed at all times.

The hacking methods used by the FBI remain a topic of substantial debate. No one really knows how they managed to hack Tor to begin with, even though there is a lot of speculation regarding the usage of malware. So far, the FBI has declined to unveil the intricate details of their tools, although they claimed no malware was used in the process.

This story regarding the PlayPen case will undoubtedly continue over the next few months.  There are far too many questions and doubts regarding the validity of FBI activities to let things slide without further notice. The government is not allowed to hack user information by going after third-party service providers. Digital privacy should be respected, yet the FBI tends to tread that unwritten law with both feet whenever they can.

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