The Casa Node 2 Offers big Improvements for a Slightly Higher Price

Making cryptocurrencies more accessible and appealing to consumers is a difficult task. Casa is on the right track, at least where tech enthusiasts are concerned. The recently announced Casa Node 2 is a very interesting project for those willing to experiment with Bitcoin and Lightning Network technology. 

The Casa Node 2

For a cryptocurrency that heavily focuses on decentralization, there is still some work to be done where Bitcoin is concerned. More network nodes are always welcome, and the Lightning Network fro BTC needs a lot more payment channels to become effectively valuable. The Casa Node 2 caters to all of those needs. It provides users with a Bitcoin node, as well as a Lightning node to optimize that part of the experience. It is similar to the first model, but simply with upgraded hardware and a brand new case. 

Speaking of the hardware, there is a Raspberry Pi 4 with 4GB RAM and a 1TB SSD under the hood. This makes it easy for users to effectively run a Bitcoin or Lightning node without having to worry about storing the blockchain. As most people are well aware of, the blockchain size of top cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum continues to grow at an alarming rate. That can cause some storage problems for those who never bothered to upgrade their HDD or SSD in the past few years. 

NodeOS Upgrade

On the software side of the spectrum, the Casa Node 2 also packs quite the punch. The most noteworthy upgrade comes in the form of an updated version of NodeS. It is the native operating system of the Casa Node line of products. In this new version, users will enjoy a completely new design, which makes it more appealing to both novice and veteran cryptocurrency enthusiasts alike. There is also an option to switch to “dark mode”, which gives users some extra options in terms of customization.

What makes the new version of NodeOS so intriguing is how will support BTCPayServer. That particular piece of code has recently gotten a lot of attention. it has the potential to convert  a lot of consumers and businesses into dealing with cryptocurrency payments by removing the middleman altogether. Particularly in terms of Lightning payments, BTCPayServer could become a force to be reckoned with. Other software worth paying attention to is the Node Heartbeat, which – when combined with the Sats App – allows users to earn small amounts of BTC every week for simply running the node. 

Pricing Changes and Shipments

As is often the case when an existing product receives a new iteration, there will be a price increase. The Casa Node 2 is no exception in this regard. For existing members, the price will remain at $300 with no strings attached. New customers will pay $399 for the Gold package. Considering how a new version of this toolkit is expected to come out every year, one has to wonder which price point is acceptable. Those willing to obtain the unit now may be able to take advantage of a $300 price point for pre-order. Shipments are expected to occur in October and November.