The Blockchain Startup Ecosystem Continues To Expand Globally

There are so many different blockchain startups in the world, which makes it interesting to see what they are all up to. Outlier Ventures Research Team noticed how new startups are added at an accelerated pace. Interestingly enough, the UK is a strong area for these startups, although the US remains the clear leader.

Blockchain Startups Are A Hot And Global Trend

It is hard to hear or read anything related to technology these days without coming across the term blockchain. Bitcoin technology has become such a hype, despite there being no clear first-mover advantage. But that isn’t keeping entrepreneurs from creating new blockchain startups all over the world. In fact, the Outlier Ventures blockchain angels startup tracker lists 967 companies so far.

As one would come to expect, the vast majority of startups is located throughout the United States. That is not entirely surprising, considering how the region is pumping a lot of money into Bitcoin as well. To put this into perspective, most of the Ethereum-based startups are located in Europe, with a strong focus on the UK and Germany.

Speaking of the United Kingdom, it remains a large blockchain startup hub so far. While it remains to be seen what effect the Brexit may have on this trend, there is plenty of room for growth. In fact, Outlier Ventures mentions how investors see the weakening Pound Sterling as an opportunity, rather than a reason to panic.

Not everything is positive in the world of blockchain startups, though. Solving real-life problems outside of the financial realm is not something a lot of efforts are focused on right now. At the same time, the efforts that are underway are focusing on important initiatives. Revamping the supply chain, improving security for the Internet of Things, and even general data analytics are some of the examples

It would be beneficial to see more blockchain startups work together on tackling these problems, rather than have everyone do their own thing. A shared pool of expertise and talent would go a long way in coming up with viable solutions. At the same time, the distributed nature of blockchain technology is creating a slight fragmentation of the development efforts.

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