The Eight Blockchain Startups At Nexus Squared Demo Day – Part I

Blockchain startup companies are always great to keep an eye on. During the recent Nexus Squared Pitchathon, various groups presented their case to a panel of judges. Some interesting concepts have been created which all hinge on the usage of a blockchain. Not all of these companies will be using the open standard, though.

Taqanu Bank, ProofofYou, and Paymeabit

It is important to keep in mind this Demo Day pitchathon is not an official contest to secure funding. Startups can pitch their ideas to a panel of experts, in the hopes of getting some recognition and potentially secure an investor in the future. This is also a  great test for entrepreneurs and teams to learn a thing or two about pitching in front of an audience.

A total of eight different blockchain and Bitcoin startups presented their case during this event. This is quite a high number, and it is positive to see such a vast interest by entrepreneurs all over the world. Interestingly enough, all of these eight startups are located in Europe.

Up first we have Norway-based Taqanu Bank. Granted any blockchain company with the name “bank” in it may not sound very appealing. But this startup offers a variety of features, ranging from blockchain-based identification to debit cards and checking accounts. Among their main target group are refugees, remote workers, and migrants.

Secondly, we have Estonian ProofofYou, which is putting a lot of focus on digitizing contracts and other legal documentation. Additionally, the team – consisting of IT experts and lawyers – are creating a blockchain-based digital signature system. Moreover, there is also a focus on connecting layers and customers on a global scale.

Italy is represented as well, with the Paymeabit blockchain startup. Positioning itself as a Value Network, the company wants to let users earn Bitcoin for their social interaction. “Liking” a post, for example, will transfer a particular value of bits to the poster. Content creators can easily monetize their content through this platform in the future.

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