The all in one Crypto Experience through the Taklimakan Network

Cryptocurrencies have a lot in store for users. Especially in trading, the risks are very high, but the rewards are even better. The ability to instantly trade one cryptocurrency to another is what powers the user base, and many millions have been made. Trading is a key aspect of the crypto environment and the ability to execute a well researched trade is what makes all the difference.

From Decentralized to Fragmented

In the fast-paced world of crypto trading, having the right information is the most crucial factor. Traders and users alike have to keep themselves constantly updated on the latest happenings. This means that they have to access a variety of news sources, social platforms and discussions forums. This creates a lot of issues:

  • Multiple sources of information, leading to a waste of time in finding what really matters.
  • Information reliability greatly affects the decision being made.
  • Mental and physical stress of spending significant time on combing through a myriad of information.

Pooling of Resources through the Taklimakan Network

The Taklimakan team counters these issues and offers its users a one stop solution to all their crypto information and trading needs. The platform combines a vast set of tools that create the perfect environment for crypto traders:

  • News: Aggregated from different, verified and reliable sources from around the world, the news section also has opinions of experts and the latest on blockchain projects, allowing traders to use just one portal for news.
  • Analytical Data: Statistical information processed with the correct tools means users will have information that reflects the best possible outcomes of trades.
  • Educational Library: A collection of information and learning tools for novices and others to understand the world of crypto trading.
  • Networking: Discussion boards and chat rooms mean like-minded traders can connect and share their views.
  • Tools of the Trade: Tools such as moving averages, candle sticks and other strategies that give the best insight on any crypto asset price movement.

These tools and connectivity gives Taklimakan’s users and traders the edge they need to make calculated decisions for profitable trades.

Future Plans

Taklimakan Network is working on a number of different plans that it will integrate into its setup to offer more services to its users to better trade. These range from simple crypto exchange, project proposal and investment, gamification- to the complex deployed decentralized exchange and even Artificial Intelligence.

Powered by professionals from the banking sector, the Taklimakan team consists of people who have worked with Barclays, Russell Investment and Royal Bank of Scotland. On boarding fresh blood from top of the line universities such as Cambridge, the team is solid and has the experience and dedication to deliver its promises.

As these services are fused into the Taklimakan Network umbrella, the platform is set to become the most powerful crypto trading and information ecosystem. Taklimakan already has a beta version launched, which will have all of its initial functions working soon.

For more information on the one stop trading solution platform, visit their website:

Disclosure: This is a sponsored article