The 2018 Year of Cryptocurrency Challenge – Week 2

At the beginning of 2018, I wrote an article outlining a New Year’s resolution that I thought could help boost cryptocurrency adoption and awareness in 2018. Last week, I started to keep my end of the deal with the first installment of my year of cryptocurrency. Keeping to this resolution has made me realize just how much I already talk about cryptocurrency and also how much more we all need to be talking about it. As always, I encourage you to take this challenge on as well, even if a bit later. Let’s get into my week.

Try to speak to as many people about cryptocurrency as you possibly can

This week was a bit more somber when it came to my discussions, largely due to the recent price crashes we’ve seen across most cryptocurrency markets. Like last time, I took some notes so that the best conversations could be recorded here.

  1. I went to get some ramen with a friend of mine to catch up and talk. We both are big fans of markets, and he’s recently gotten into cryptocurrencies more. He is still net positive, thankfully, on his investment but has noted that he took a larger hit than he had wanted to recently, as I think most of us have. We were able to rope another one of our friends into the conversation for a little, but they got lost after someone brought up merkle trees.
  2. I was hanging out with another friend and they asked me what an ICO was and why the heck Kodak was doing one. I explained that Kodak’s proposed platform was actually a really interesting idea, but that I worried an ICO open only to accredited investors would only draw speculators in and may undermine the platform itself. He and I agreed that we’d just have to see how it plays out, and lamented not buying more KODK at three dollars a share.

Learn Something New About Crypto

This one will somewhat bleed into the previous section. I learned that there is talk that CASPER might drop sooner rather than later on the Ethereum Network, which was exciting, but also sparked a lively debate among a group of my friends. The questions on everyone’s mind was “Is this why Ethereum has been going up?” and “Will Ethereum be the first network to migrate to PoS successfully?”

I learned that there is a lot more optimism about a PoS Ethereum than I thought, and that even the naysayers just believe that mining power as well as those who really want PoW will end up migrating to Ethereum Classic. While my sample size is admittedly small, it was a fun debate to have and a great time learning about other people’s opinions on the matter.

Be Generous – Give and Use Your Coins

To satisfy this criteria this week, I started to prime the pump. I took some of the BitcoinGold that I had following the fork and changed it into Dogecoin and Litecoin. I feel these are excellent currencies to give to friends and to get people familiar and comfortable with cryptocurrencies. I’ll be sending about 2000 doge to someone for their birthday (they don’t know it yet), and will put a bit more into paper wallets to pass out.


Have you been doing this challenge too? Let us know how it is going for you! If you haven’t, why not give it a try?