Terry Pierce Joins Blockchain and Fintech Startup Fluent

Blockchain startups are continuing to expand all over the world. Fluent, a company, officially labeling itself as a Fintech startup, hired Terry Pierce. Some people may know this name, as he worked several years for PrimeRevenue, and managed to sign a good amount of master service agreements.

Blockchain Startup Fluent Now Has 12 Employees

When talking about blockchain and fintech startups, very few people ever wonder how many staffers they have at any given time. Fluent has a 12-man team, now that Terry Pierce has joined the company as VP of Customer Development. His role at the startup will be to support sales efforts and streamline Fluent’s customer acquisition strategy.

It has to be said, staffing 12 people full-time is rather optimistic for any startup. Fluent feels they direly need all of these people to market their product and develop the best blockchain-for-finance solutions. Since the company closed its seed funding round of US$2.5M in March, they also hired a blockchain architect and a designer.

Terry Pierce explained his decision as follows:

“I joined Fluent because of their practical approach to implementing blockchain technology, using it to solve real issues within trade finance. The writing’s on the wall; It’s not just a different way to do the same thing. This is a fundamental change, allowing us to solve problems in trade finance previous vendors simply couldn’t.”

Blockchain technology has been attracting attention all over the world. Pierce is not the first nor the last person to leave a thriving company for an unknown future in the world of the blockchain. However as he said himself, a fundamental change is coming, and being part of it is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.


This is a significant move for Fluent, as they bolster their ranks with someone who has an in-depth understanding of the financial industry. Pierce also brings a well-respected network of clients and experts to the table. Plus, he has been at the forefront to determine what the sector needs, and is not afraid to embrace new technological solutions.

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