Telegram Pushes Back the TON Blockchain Launch Once Again

Telegram is one of the many technology companies venturing into the world of blockchain technology. It now appears that this launch will be postponed for another year.

Venturing into the blockchain industry is never an easy feat.

Telegram Struggles With its Blockchain

Building the technology is one thing, but ensuring it works is something else entirely.

When that project is funded by investors from all over the world, time is of the essence.

In the case of Telegram, the blockchain launch is not going according to plan.

In fact, the launch has been delayed once again.

Bringing the TON blockchain to the masses has been an ongoing struggle for obvious reasons.

Investors will be given the option to receive up to 72% of their contributions back if they do not want to wait any longer. 

Moreover, the company provides an option for investors to receive 110% of their investment by April 2021 through a loan option.

Both options will cause some financial backlash either way, however.

For Telegram, it will be interesting to see which of the two options has the most success.

Even so, the delay of the TON blockchain shows that this venture may have been more than the company could handle.

The future of this project still remains in question.