Tectum Softnote Review – Transactionless Crypto Payments of the Future

When it comes to making cryptocurrency payments, the primary concern these days are the high transaction costs and the long confirmation times for legacy networks. In addition, those looking for anonymity with their crypto transactions have to go through several hoops to obfuscate the source of funds and detach the tokens from their identity. What if you could implement off-chain crypto transactions which provide complete anonymity and ease of use for payers and payees? This is where Tectum’s SoftNote product comes in, the first transactionless payment system boasting an instant payment method and zero-fee policy for end users.

What Is Tectum’s SoftNote?

Tectum’s SoftNote is a digital product provided as an encoded image with a QR code and several denominations for Bitcoin and USDT as a store of value. The Softnotes look similar to cash bills but exist digitally.

SoftNote Bills are assigned serial numbers and are planned to be released into circulation in the Summer of 2022. The Bills will be accessible through the Tectum Web Wallet and the Official Mobile App.

Below are the 5 phases of the Softnote Lifecycle:


  1. Creating a Bitcoin Wallet – Tectum generates a BTC wallet using the Bitcoin Node.
  2. Minting a SoftNote Bill – A Tectum Node creates an Event on the blockchain by recording the serial number, denomination, and the BTC wallet address on the ledger. In addition, the SoftNote Bill form factor is automatically selected and recorded in the database.
  3. Filling with Liquidity – BTC is transferred to the BTC wallet assigned to the SoftNote Bill of the Liquidity Provider’s Wallet.
  4. Releasing into Circulation – Liquidity Provider sells the SoftNote Bill to end-users at face value.
  5. Monetization Cycle – The end-user conducts purchases with the bill, and the recipient is charged a payment fee on a received payment and a monthly fee.

Utilizing Liquidity Providers to essentially “back” the SoftNote bill ensures the end-user can claim the crypto value on the bill with no issues. In addition, the digital assets on the bill have no direct connection to the user’s identity, ensuring complete anonymity when it comes to the transactions.

SoftNote vs. Letter of Credit or Cash

From the description above, SoftNote is similar to a Letter of Credit or a bag of physical cash. The primary difference is that with SoftNote, users don’t have to claim the money from the issuer to receive the value since the value is locked in the bill as cryptocurrency.

Like cash is backed by a central entity, a SoftNote can only be obtained from an authorized SoftNote Node part of the Tectum ecosystem.

It’s important to note that SoftNote is not a blockchain product but a FinTech product, providing a unique method of payment while utilizing existing blockchain technology.

Key Advantages of SoftNote vs. Legacy Crypto Payments

softnote banknote infographic


Absolute anonymity, zero-commission payments, instant payment processing, off-chain transactions, internet independence, cash value properties, and proprietary software implementation.

SoftNote makes the perfect payment option for an alternative to legacy crypto payments if you’re making payments by physically meeting up with customers for various goods. In addition, since SoftNote can be emailed as an image file, it makes it the perfect option to stay anonymous during transactions.

Final Thoughts

Tectum’s SoftNotes are a revolutionary FinTech product perfect for seamless crypto-powered transactions without the hassle of copy-pasting addresses, syncing up the blockchain, or logging into exchange accounts and wallets.

The revolutionary payment system enables a frictionless transaction process perfect for various products and services. We recommend checking out Tectum’s SoftNotes and giving them a try. Small denominations of $1 and $5 could make perfect gifts to friends and family.

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