Tech Bureau Corp Becomes Official TREZOR Reseller in Japan

TREZOR remains the most popular Bitcoin hardware wallet in the world. Thanks to a partnership between Tech Bureau and SatoshiLabs, the hardware wallet will be coming to Japan. This announcement comes at a time during which Bitcoin enthusiasm in Japan is reaching new heights.

Bringing TREZOR To Japan

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Hardware wallet solutions for Bitcoin users are always in high demand. Albeit there are plenty of software options to secure funds at any given time, some people want to go that extra mile. SatoshiLabs created the TREZOR a while ago, and it quickly became a fan favorite all over the world.

Tech Bureau Corp, a Japanese startup active in the world of blockchain technology, has partnered with SatoshiLabs to promote sales of this hardware Bitcoin wallet in the country. With its unprecedented security and ease of us, TREZOR can be used by both experienced and novice Bitcoin users. There is no technological expertise required whatsoever.

But the SatoshiLabs team is not resting on their laurels in the security department. The company continues to roll out additional security features over time. The new Password Manager, for example, lets users store multiple passwords. Instead of requiring a “master password,” TREZOR uses encryption technology to prevent misuse.

Tech Bureau has now officially become the official distributor of TREZOR in Japan. Moreover, the company will provide Japanese translation of the online wallet and manual. Offering localized support will make this partnership even more valuable to all parties involved. Plus, customer support will be offered to Japanese clients as well.

Perhaps the most important aspect of this announcement is how Tech Bureau will integrate TREZOR as a method of 2FA. They will do so for the Japanese Zaif Bitcoin exchange. Not only does this create a safer login environment, but it also allows for frictionless Bitcoin transfers between TREZOR and Zaif wallets.

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