Trezor Review

Trezor is a hardware Bitcoin wallet introduced in 2014 by Satoshi Labs. The Trezor is priced at $199 on Amazon, it comes in either black or white and features a sleek design with a small LCD screen. Checkout this unboxing of the Trezor to see what comes when you purchase the wallet.

The Trezor is compatible with all sorts of operating systems, the easiest way to get started is by setting it up via google chrome. Download the Trezor bridge from the chrome store, followed by the actual Trezor wallet and the app will direct you on how to setup your Trezor for the first time. Make sure to write down the recovery seed that will display when you first setup your wallet, for a tutorial on how to get setup with your Trezor checkout this article. You can also setup the Trezor with Electrum and other desktop wallets which will be discussed in a separate tutorial.

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