SatoshiLabs Unveils MyTREZOR Beta And Switches To Bitcore

TREZOR is one of the most popular hardware Bitcoin wallet solutions in the world today, and the growing community behind this project showcases exactly that. Due to overwhelming demand, the company has released a public beta of the myTREZOR platform, which now uses Bitcore rather than a closed source backend solution.

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MyTREZOR Public Beta Has Launched

TheMerkle_Bitcore TREZOR

MyTREZOR is a platform many Bitcoin community members have been looking forward to as it offers a way for TREZOR owners to keep using all of the software functionality regardless of whether the SatoshiLabs servers are available. This is a similar approach to what Airbitz is doing with their mobile wallet solution, which is always accessible as well.

Although the primary purpose is to boost the overall stability of the service and privacy offered by the TREZOR hardware wallet, there is an added bonus to myTREZOR. Users can choose the server they want to use rather than the default SatoshiLabs one, and advanced users can even set up their own backend servers. This removes any possibility of leaking financial information from the equation.

But there is even more, as myTREZOR applications are moving to Amazon CloudFront, which serves as a CDN with 99.9% uptime guarantee. All in all, this platform holds a lot of promise for existing TREZOR users, and the decision by SatoshiLabs to move to Bitcore is well worth noting as well.

It is interesting to see SatoshiLabs choose Bitcore, though, although there are some interesting reasons as to why this choice was made. First of all, this software solution developed by BitPay is open source, which is a step up from the closed-source backend previously used by the SatoshiLabs.

But more important, the company hopes to provide a flawless experience to existing TREZOR users. Not that any major complaints regarding the stability have been recorded so far, but it is always better to prevent issues rather than fix existing problems. Plus, this will also benefit the myTREZOR lightweight wallet interface platform in the long run.

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