Take Advantage of Altcoin Price Fluctuations With CryptoPing

The cryptocurrency market can be quite eventful and often goes through massive pumps and dumps. Because of the unregulated nature of altcoin trading, the market is subject to manipulation. While there is no way to predict insider trading, there is a way to scan for anomalies which could signal an impending pump or dump. This is where CryptoPing comes in, a telegram bot that tracks odd activity on cryptocurrency exchanges.

How many times did you miss a huge altcoin pump? Never miss a price rally again with an assistant that notifies you before a pump begins and helps you look for profitable trades. CryptoPing provides real time trading intel on altcoins through telegram. The best part, it is currently free to use before the ICO begins.

Setting up the bot is easy. Sign up to the cryptoping website and simply add @CryptoPingBot on telegram. Message the bot the unique verification token found on your account and you are ready to go! The bot will alert you of any strange behavior on cryptocurrency exchanges that might signal a price swing. The service currently supports Bittrex, Poloniex, and Cryptopia.

Currently the assistant is free to use, but once the ICO phase begins on May 24th, the bot will switch to a subscription based model. As you might have guessed, users will be required to purchase the CryptoPing token in order to pay for the subscription.

Keep in mind that CryptoPing is not a trading bot. That is, it doesn’t execute any trades on your behalf. It only notifies you of opportunities that present themselves in the crypto market. Moreover, the bot isn’t a silver bullet as unregulated altcoin markets are impossible to predict accurately, and a pump or dump could happen at any given time.

If you are an avid cryptocurrency trader looking to turn a profit, give CryptoPing a go. Last week the bot was able to predict the meteoric XRP and DGB price rallies which netted investors over 400% on their investment. While the bot lacks a variety of exchanges, the fact that it is free gives you more the reason to try it.

As described in CryptoPing’s press release, the ICO will work as follows:

9,000,000 tokens based on Waves platform are to be issued for ICO with total worth of 1000 BTC. Additional 1,000,000 tokens will be reserved for one-level 10% referral program. Investments of 100 BTC and more receive 15% discount on tokens. Any undistributed tokens left after crowdsale will be burned.

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