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Bitcoin Tipping Platform Zapchain Shuts Down On August 31

Zapchain was once touted as a future mainstream Bitcoin use cases. The company had a very simple business model: everyone could submit content and ask questions. Users could then tip valuable answers of posts with Bitcoin payments. Unfortunately, the company announced they would shut down after seeing a significant decline in user activity. Zapchain Comes At The End of The Line Monetizing social activity with Bitcoin is a great concept …
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Decentralizing The Bitcoin Discussion

Although there is plenty of room for competition in the Bitcoin world, there seems to be a slight oversaturation of places where digital currency can be discussed. Although there is a growing need for places where Bitcoin discussions are not censored, the number of Bitcoin message board managing to gain any traction is somewhat limited. After all, it is incredibly difficult to topple Bitcointalk, although the Bitcoin.com forum is doing …
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