Decentralizing The Bitcoin Discussion

Although there is plenty of room for competition in the Bitcoin world, there seems to be a slight oversaturation of places where digital currency can be discussed. Although there is a growing need for places where Bitcoin discussions are not censored, the number of Bitcoin message board managing to gain any traction is somewhat limited. After all, it is incredibly difficult to topple Bitcointalk, although the forum is doing a good job to draw some attention. However, not every project is so successful, unfortunately.

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Finding New Ways To Discuss Bitcoin

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Most of the Bitcoin discussions are taking place either on Bitcointalk, the forum, and Reddit. Not because there has been a lack of initiatives to take the spotlight from these offerings, though, as a lot of people have tried to launch a platform to spur Bitcoin discussions over the past few years.

ZapChain is probably one of the most notable platforms to try and bring Bitcoin discussions to a new platform, as the owners even added an option for users to tip each other for helpful questions and answers. In a way, this is one of the very few successful “pay to post” Bitcoin discussion platforms.

However, it turns out even this platform is not able to keep most of the users coming back on a  regular basis, even though there is still a certain amount of activity going on every week. Despite its allure of letting users tip each other through an easy-to-use integrated system, community members seem to have lost interest in using ZapChain as their primary platform.

But what about those people who still want to create a platform for Bitcoin discussion outside of the ones in existence right now? There is no definitive answer to this question, although it seems that platforms, where users need to register yet another account, have a far smaller chance of succeeding compared to others. Moreover, monetary incentives will only work for so long as the money has to come from somewhere, and paying out of pocket is not a viable business model for the long run.

Keeping in mind how Bitcoin and digital currency is all about decentralizing as many aspects of life as possible, it only makes sense for a decentralized discussion network to be created in due time. How that network will look, or when it will come to fruition, remains to be seen, though.

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