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Lisk Announces Short-term Roadmap and Launch Date

Although some digital currency community members have been worried about the Lisk project from day one, it seems like the team is rolling out their plans right now. Raising a lot of money for a proof of concept is one thing, but without a clear path of direction, there is not much use for a project. A launch data has been made publicly available, although that is still subject to …
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Bter Struggles With Certain Withdrawals

A new report has surfaced about potential trouble brewing over at the Bter exchange. While it is not the first time exchanges dealing with altcoins, face some sort of withdrawal delay, going a week without a payout is rather long. It’s not easy to keep up with all of these different altcoins and their wallets, but that is not an excuse not to pay out users. Considering how this exchange …
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