Lisk Announces Short-term Roadmap and Launch Date

Although some digital currency community members have been worried about the Lisk project from day one, it seems like the team is rolling out their plans right now. Raising a lot of money for a proof of concept is one thing, but without a clear path of direction, there is not much use for a project. A launch data has been made publicly available, although that is still subject to change depending on investor behavior.

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The Lisk Road Ahead For 2016

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First and foremost, a lot of people have been wondering about the actual launch date for the Lisk initiative. The company has completed their ICO successfully, yet there was no real roadmap in place during this stage. In a Medium blog post, the company mentions how the current plan includes a launch date of April 11th, although it will depend on how many investors have generated their Lisk passphrases on the ICO site by April 4.

What is of particular interest is how this launch date will provide all users with the full client, rather than rolling out a beta client and add new features over time. This is a very nice approach, which is rather different from most ICO projects over the past few years. All of that ICO money will be put to good use once a full Lisk client is available to all investors.

Speaking of the ICO, Lisk raised 14,080 BTC and over 80 million XCR, which are quite staggering amounts. That being said, about 70 BTC and 2.5m XCR will be refunded, and the final numbers will be released over the next few days. With close to 3,900 individual investors partaking in this ICO, there was a genuine interest in the project from day one.

There has been a bit of drama as well, due to Bter not communicating properly with the Lisk team and doing things on their own accord. A 2.5m XCR transaction was sent to the team’s second Crypti account, without any existing agreements in place to do so.  This is the transaction that will be refunded to Bter, who will then take care of the process of refunding customers.

Last but not least, there is the topic of the Lisk ICO passphrases, which need to be generated on the platform. Every individual exchange on the website is subject to a unique passphrase, and keeping this information safe is of the utmost importance. If not enough users have generated their passphrases by April 4, the launch date of April 11 will be pushed back.

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