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What Is Xaurum Cryptocurrency?

With the advent of smartphone-enabled payment portals and finance apps, the landscape of the payment market has been changed irreversibly. Experts suggest that this trend is here to stay, especially since blockchain technology has become increasingly prevalent. Xaurum can be thought of as a representative cryptocurrency that is based upon a gold reserve model and is ever-increasing in its value. To be more specific, this alt-currency is designed to be a value storage …
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Xaurum Gamma Builds the First Crypto Smart Street

One of the main complaints leveled against cryptocurrency by its skeptics is that it is not backed by any sort of store of value. (Usually these same individuals forget that most fiats are no longer backed by anything like gold, silver, or some other precious metal.) One project, Xaurum, is looking to change this with its “golden blockchain.” What is Xaurum? Xaurum is a representative unit of value on the “golden blockchain.” That …
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Xaurum Starts Trading on C-Cex

After a successful Rebirth Initial Coin Offering (RICO) period that lasted for 12 days and gathered $851,342.36, Xaurum, the gold backed crypto asset has now been officially added as a trading pair on C-CEX. Users are now able to buy Xaurum with Bitcoin and to swap XAU for XAUR at a 1 to 8000 exchange rate. Each Xaurum is currently worth around 0.00018 BTC. During this RICO period, the old …
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