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Did Bitmain Cause a Spike in Monero’s Hashrate Last Year?

Not too long ago, Bitmain unveiled its new Antminer X3 ASIC miner. This particular device will let users mine CryptoNight-capable currencies at a higher than normal pace. One currency notably absent from the list of coins to be mined is Monero, as its developers introduced an emergency hard fork to address this problem well in advance. All of this makes one wonder how long Bitmain has been using the new ASIC. The Use …
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Scientists Develop a Promising Ion Thruster for Space Exploration

Any developments related to science and space are always of great interest to a lot of people. NASA has made a major breakthrough in humankind’s pursuit of traveling to and colonizing Mars one day. More specifically, the X3 thruster is seemingly more than capable of taking humans to Mars in the future. It’s a very ambitious goal, to be sure, and the X3 is a major development in the world of ion …
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