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EternalRocks Worm Uses Six NSA-developed SMB Exploits to Infect Computers

The NSA vulnerabilities related to the Windows SMB exploit have proven to be quite problematic. Multiple types of ransomware are exploiting this issue with an astonishing rate of success so far. Unfortunately, it appears this vulnerability has also spawned a new worm spreading through the SMB protocol. This particular worm uses seven different NSA tools to cause as much havoc as possible. Rest assured this is only a sign of what is …
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Top 4 Types of Malware To Watch For

Virus, malware, trojans–TV shows like Mr. Robot have shown the general population what these dangerous pieces of software can cause. Here are the top four most threatening types of viruses one can encounter. For years, they have infected all kinds of systems, to the point that many are still remembered with fear. Unfortunately, the Internet is a dangerous place, and computer viruses are something we will always have to deal with. …
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Mining Malware Education – BitcoinMiner

Although the number of Bitcoin mining malware infections has always been on the low side, it is still quite annoying when dealing with such an infection. Most of this malware can be removed quite easily once a decent antivirus software has been installed. BitcoinMine, which is labelled as rather low overall risk rating and infection rate, spread itself through the Kolab worm. Also read: Mining Malware Education – BitcoinMine BitcoinMiner …
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