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White Hat Hackers Caught Red-handed During Attempted ETC Sell-off

There is still a significant debate going on regarding the Ethereum Classic funds obtained by self-professed white hat hackers. While they secured 7 million coins, several transactions were sent to exchange wallets in an attempt to cash out the money. An explanation was posted on Reddit, which seems to indicate funds will be returned to The DAO token holders after all. The White Hat Hacker Plot Thickens Albeit no one …
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White Hat Hackers Secure The DAO’s ETC Funds

According to various reports, the group of self-proclaimed “white-hat hackers” has secured the ETC funds belonging to The DAO holders. When funds was drained from this doomed Ethereum project, the hacker obtained a significant amount of ETC funds as well. Now that 7 million coins have been “secured”, the question becomes what will happen to this balance. ETC Funds From DAO Hack are Secured, Sort Of Ethereum Classic community members were …
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