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More Details About Wendy’s Payment Card Breach Revealed

Credit card breaches are far too common these days. Wendy’s, one of the largest fast food chains in the United States, has fallen victim to one of these attacks. Various outlets have been affected, and the company will extend an offer to affected customers. It remains to be seen how useful one year of free fraud consultation and identity restoration is, though. Wendy’s Data Breach: What We Know So Far …
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Recent Wendy’s Data Breach Shows The Importance of Bitcoin Payments

Credit card information being stolen is nothing new under the sun these days, as these types of data breaches are becoming more of a norm rather than an exception. The latest major company to fall victim to a data breach is Wendy’s, a very popular fast food chain in the United States. Bitcoin eliminates the risk of consumer data being stolen and misused by assailants. Also read: Selling Items For …
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