Recent Wendy’s Data Breach Shows The Importance of Bitcoin Payments

Credit card information being stolen is nothing new under the sun these days, as these types of data breaches are becoming more of a norm rather than an exception. The latest major company to fall victim to a data breach is Wendy’s, a very popular fast food chain in the United States. Bitcoin eliminates the risk of consumer data being stolen and misused by assailants.

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Wendy’s Data Breach Could Include Credit Card Info

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Some of the people who have recently enjoyed a meal at Wendy’s in the United States may want to keep an eye on their credit card statements in the next few months. Several customers have reported their cards have been used for fraudulent payments after visiting a Wendy’s near them, which is not good news for the fast food chain.

Unfortunately, this incident does not revolve around one particular location, as several restaurants have been affected by this wave of strange customer card charges. As is the case in many locations around the world, Wendy’s cashiers will swipe the user’s card through a payment terminal, a process that has been ingrained in customer’s habits for quite some time now.

Whether or not there is any truth to these reports, remains to be seen. Coincidence does not often happen , especially not when those fraudulent card charges are reported by customers who have one thing in common. That common occurrence is eating at a Wendy’s. It would not be the first time a major brand is suffering from malware-infected payment terminals, though.

Just a few weeks ago, various Hyatt hotels around the world had reported that some of their payment terminals were infected with malware. As a result, assailants could steal customer credit card information and use it for illegal purposes. This worrying trend has been rearing its ugly head all over the world as of late, and there is no real solution to this problem just yet.

A cyber security firm will thoroughly investigate the affected Wendy’s locations, and reports its findings in the near future. With so many US customers using their credit card to pay for just about anything, Wendy’s brands are a prime target for assailants to steal consumer data. Even though this activity allegedly occurred late last year, it is impossible to determine whether or not the problem has been fixed.

Using a credit card at any payment terminal always carries a certain risk. Most of these devices are located in public places, and installing malware on such a terminal can be done in a variety of ways. Keeping in mind how these devices are all connected to the internet, they can even be attacked remotely, without store operators noticing anything.

This is one of the reasons why Bitcoin payments are so important to both consumers and companies all over the world. There is no risk for fraud or chargebacks involved in the world of Bitcoin and digital currency. Plus, there is no sensitive payment information changing hands when completing a Bitcoin payment. All in all, Bitcoin is far more secure for global payments than a credit card will ever be.

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