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The Blockchain Can Help Us Clean up Our Act

If you think a lot of talk about blockchains is garbage, it’s only fitting to let you know that some of it is. Yet another use for blockchain technology has been revealed, and that’s to help us clean up our act. Literally. The superstar technology that’s putting food on the tables of the poorest households is also ensuring efficient waste disposal. Or at least, it soon could be. Every year, …
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Two US Firms Use Fuel Derived From Old Tires to Mine Ethereum

Mining cryptocurrency has always been an interesting endeavor. Unfortunately, it requires a lot of things to work in one’s favor. Without access to cheap electricity or energy, the mining process can become pretty expensive and unprofitable for most. In the United States, Standard American Mining and PRTI are doing things very differently. Using excess tires and burning them to power graphics cards is an interesting business model, to say the least. Using …
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