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Centra ICO May Have Violated SEC Securities Law

We have seen quite a few complaints involving ICOs in the past few months. Especially in the US, there is genuine concern as to whether or not most of these tokens are securities. It appears someone has filed a complaint against the Centra ICO, which garnered a lot of attention thanks to Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s involvement as a promoter. This development will certainly be interesting to keep an eye on. Centra ICO …
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Vultr Disables Bitcoin Payments For New Customers

Vultr is one of the more prominent cloud hosting companies accepting Bitcoin payments. Or that used to be the case, anyway, as it turns out there have been a lot of ToS violations by Bitcoin users, prompting the company to halt digital currency payments for the time being. Also read: Viet Film Fest Included Bitcoin Heist After-party No More Bitcoin Payments For Vultr Customers There is a good reason why Bitcoin …
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