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What Is Viacoin?

Even though Bitcoin is still the world’s leading cryptocurrency to date, it is not the only currency people should be paying attention to. Thousands of altcoins exist as of right now, yet only a select few will achieve their goals in the future. Viacoin is not your average altcoin, as it has some interesting features that make it stand out. What is Viacoin Exactly? While most people know Viacoin as just another …
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Does Professionalism Matter in Cryptocurrency?

With the global crypto market exploding to a capitalization of over half a trillion USD, the space has seen a surge in new teams, projects, and ambitions for the future. Recent graduates and established PhDs alike are joining the sphere every day in the hopes of contributing to a greater goal amid the growing adoption of cryptocurrency. Despite the fact that unicorn companies (startups valued at over US$1 billion) are emerging in the …
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Viacoin Developers Complete Atomic Swap With Litecoin

Atomic swaps are all the rage among cryptocurrencies right now, by the looks of things. After a successful swap between Litecoin and Decred, we have seen similar projects focus on Ethereum and Bitcoin. Amid all of this is Viacoin, an altcoin which also wants to get involved in cross-chain atomic swaps. A new feature has been introduced as part of its Clearinghouse tool to help make this become a reality. Viacoin …
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