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Decentralized ID Verification Platform VeriMe Teams Up With Vietnamese Bank

Blockchain was originally seen as an alternative to traditional banking, where the system offered smoother and quicker service experience. This led to natural hostility towards the technology by the financial institutions from around the world. Today, however, there are banks that understand the power of blockchain and that the future lies not in aversion, but integration of the technology in their systems. Disclosure: This is a Sponsored Article VeriME And …
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How the blockchain will secure your online identity? Here’s how a crypto startup is doing it

Identity verification is an unavoidable process for many public and private organisations such as banks, telecom, credit companies and more . And this process continues to become trickier and more complex despite being complemented by digitization. Or else why would people be spending half of their day just getting their passports renewed? Or why will they be spending their evening with customer care executives just to get a new phone …
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