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A 5.7 Magnitude Earthquake Hits Near Salt Lake City, Utah

As if the Coronavirus pandemic wasn’t bad enough, a 5.7 magnitude earthquake just hit near Salt Lake City, Utah at about 7:10 am local time. The recent earthquake is the largest one to hit the area since 1992, and while damage to structures was relatively minimal, authorities are still investigating the extent of the damage. So far, no casualties have been identifies but police will continue to investigate. Just felt the …
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Utah Judge Denies Chris Sevier’s Request to Marry his Laptop

Although it may sound appealing to some people to marry an inanimate object, it is not something that is considered legal in every part of the world. The state of Utah has effectively outlawed such marriages, as there is no constitutional right to do so. That is bad news for Charis Sevier, as he was looking forward to officially marry his laptop. We live in a very strange world indeed. …
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