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Top 5 Joke Cryptocurrencies

With a centralized banking system, there is nothing ostensibly comedic about currency distribution. But as money becomes a thing of the internet with cryptocurrencies, currencies have gone through nearly all the rites of passage associated with becoming networked on the internet. Holders of traditional cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum and Bitcoin are used to memes and being trolled on various forums and Twitter. These five cryptocurrencies take it up a notch. Joke currencies occupy a …
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The Useless Ethereum Token Crowdsale Netted $300K

A few months ago, an individual announced he was creating the Useless Ethereum Token. As the name suggests, this new asset serves no real purpose, will not necessarily appreciate in value, and shouldn’t even be listed across exchanges. Despite the lack of appeal to investors, the Useless Ethereum Token’s creator raised over US$300,000 through his initial coin offering. It is evident a lot of people didn’t pay attention to what this …
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What is the Useless Ethereum Token?

In the world of cryptocurrency ICOs, it is not surprising some people are fed up with the current situation. More specifically, a lot of projects raise millions of dollars without as much as a working demo. To counter this ongoing craze, some people have created the first 100% honest Ethereum ICO. It is now possible to buy the Useless Ethereum Token, in a way. The Useless Ethereum Token is Genuine …
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