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How the Northern Snakehead can Disrupt the US Economy

Invasive animal species can cause their own set of problems down the line. As far as snakehead fish are concerned, they are pretty common in the Georgia region. Some species, however, can pose a genuine problem. This type of snakehead in question here is capable of breathing air and survive on land. More importantly, it has the potential to disrupt the US economy if left unchecked.  The Northern Snakehead Species …
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US Economy Should Fear Hackers And Bankers Equally

As if anyone in the US needed further confirmation, hackers can indeed harm the economy quite a bit. A new report by the Department of Treasury goes to show how the cybercrime landscape continues to evolve and pose new threats. The government is concerned over the threats posed by hackers, as they have a big bag of tricks at their disposal. Hackers Are A Grave Threat To The US Economy …
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