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The Fake Libra Airdrop Platform is Making the Rounds Once Again

Facebook’s Libra digital currency is not going anywhere any time soon. Even though most people are aware of this, the UpLibra scam is trying to make the rounds once again. No one can obtain Facebook’s Libra at this time. There is no Libra Currency Given the current regulatory pressure, it seems unlikely that anyone will, for the foreseeable future. It would also appear that the overall interest in this project …
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Digital Currency Scam Site Warning: UpLibra

The Libra digital currency project has gotten a lot of attention. While there is still no regulatory approval or official launch date, Facebook continues to make headlines with it. It now appears there is a potential scam making the rounds called UpLibra. It claims there is an airdrop underway, even though this currency does not exist as of yet.  What Does UplIbra Offer? It is always interesting to see how …
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