Africa Could See the World’s Fastest Blockchain Growth

When we think about Africa, our minds often flood with images of hunger, hardship, disease, natural disasters, and maybe even…

3 years ago

How Blockchain Tech Can Resolve Global Connectivity Issues

If you’ve taken a stroll through a large city lately, or even your local neighborhood, it may have struck you…

4 years ago

Blockchain Tech Could Activate Large Segments of the Global Economy

We’ve heard a lot about how blockchain technology can help serve the unbanked and the underbanked by making microtransactions possible.…

4 years ago

Humaniq Aims To Connect Millions of Unbanked Using The Ethereum Blockchain

The Humaniq project has gotten a lot of attention as of late. By positioning itself as the "next generation of…

5 years ago

Germany Solves Unbanked Problem By Giving Bank Accounts To Everyone

Bitcoin is often seen as a perfect solution to solve the unbanked problems in the world. But over in Germany,…

5 years ago

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