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3D-printed Cast Heals Broken Bones 40% Faster

It is evident there is a lot of progress being made in the medical sector these days. New vaccines are created on a regular basis, and we have become better at healing injuries. A new type of 3D-printed cast can successfully heal broken bones up to 40% faster. This progress has been made possible by using ultrasonic vibrations. Ultrasound Makes Bones Heal Faster As unusual as the concept may sound, …
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Tor Users at Risk of Being Deanonymized by Ultrasound Cross-Device Tracking

People all over the world rely on Tor to maintain a certain level of privacy while browsing the Internet. A new type of attack could make Tor users vulnerable to deanonymization, though. By using ultrasound, it is theoretically possible to track users on the Internet, regardless of them using Tor or any other anonymity tool. Using Ultrasounds To Deanonymize Tor Is A Threat Demoed earlier at BlackHat Europe¬†and the Chaos …
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