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UK Treasury Taps Spy Agency to Help Regulate Bitcoin

Governments all over the world are very concerned about Bitcoin for various reasons. Not only does it pose a major risk to nations’ economic stability, but it’s also a new form of money that can’t be controlled. The UK Treasury is growing concerned as well, which is why it has tasked spy agency GCHQ to review the potential risks associated with Bitcoin. Spy Agency Investigates Bitcoin It is somewhat surprising to see how the UK …
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UK Treasury Will Introduce EU-Wide Bitcoin Regulation by Late 2018

Bitcoin has always been associated with various types of illegal activity. One of the claims which is repeated quite often is that the world’s leading cryptocurrency is regularly used to launder money. So far, there has been very little evidence to back up such allegations. Regardless, the UK Treasury is growing increasingly concerned over this possibility, and it aims to regulate Bitcoin in the near future. UK Treasury Worries About Bitcoin In a …
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