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Multiple Individuals Arrested on Suspicion of Bitcoin Typosquatting

In the cryptocurrency world, there have been numerous scams over the past few years. Most of these ventures are shut down pretty quickly, but some tend to linger for quite some time. Typosquatting has been a real problem in the Bitcoin world. A joint collaboration between Europol, police agencies, and Eurojust resulted in multiple arrests throughout the European Union this week.  Bitcoin Typosquatting Ring is Brought Down For those who …
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Security Experts Warn Bitcoin Users After Recent Spate of Attacks

The gradual increase in popularity of Bitcoin over the last 12 months has been great for those who jumped on the bandwagon back in 2009. However, as with all industries that start to gain some coverage in the mainstream media, security has now become an issue for Bitcoin business owners and users. Although the industry has never been impervious to attacks from cybercriminals, a recent spate of incidents has prompted …
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