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Trump Administration Expresses Bullish Stance on Blockchain

Although most people would not expect it, the Trump administration is pretty keen on blockchain technology. In fact, the team purports to be┬ámore committed to the blockchain than ever before. Improving US governmental operations is the first priority in this regard, and distributed ledger technology is considered “essential” to domestic policy and strategy development. It’s a surprising turn of events, but certainly a welcome change of pace. Trump Administration Loves …
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Trump Administration Wages War on Scientific Research and Environmental Data

Governments around the world lean toward censoring the amount of information found on the internet. It now appears the US government has plans to remove scientific data from the World Wide Web, which is a troublesome development. The Trump administration is on an aggressive campaign to get rid of environmental data. Thankfully, at least one group is fighting back. Removing Scientific Data is Never the Answer Virtually everyone in the …
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