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TrickBot Banking Trojan Now Targets Coinbase Users

In the world of malicious software, banking Trojans are nothing new. In fact, this type of malware has been around for as long as most people can remember. What is rather peculiar is how the TrickBot banking Trojan no longer just targets banking portals, but also the Coinbase exchange. That is pretty disconcerting news for Bitcoin users who rely on this platform. It also shows cryptocurrency is attracting more interest from …
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Trickbot Banking Trojan Now Targets Both International and U.S. Banks

Malware often targets specific banks. Trickbot has proven to be a rather strange banking Trojan, as it mainly affects users belonging to a specific bank or financial institution in a particular region. The latest update for this infamous banking Trojan allows developers to target U.S. banks and their customers. The malware has received some upgrades under the hood as well. Trickbot Goes After US Banks to Hit the Jackpot Most malware …
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TrickBot Banking Trojan Has Security Researchers Concerned

Banking Trojans are a significant economic threat. Not only can they target individual users, but they can also cause extensive damage to entire corporate networks. TrickBot, a new banking Trojan, is becoming a bigger threat every week. Thanks to its new browser manipulation techniques, it becomes even harder to detect the anomaly by the end user. TrickBot Is A Force To Be Reckoned With Kaspersky Labs issued a new warning …
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