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Bitcoin Savings & Trust Ponzi Scheme Operator Sentenced To 18 Months In Jail

Operating a Bitcoin Ponzi scheme is not only morally wrong, but it is also punishable by law. Albeit most countries around the world do not officially recognize Bitcoin as a currency, defrauding other people is a criminal offense. One man in Texas has been sentenced for operating such a Bitcoin Ponzi Scheme, and he will face 18 months in prison. Bitcoin Savings and Trust Ponzi Scheme Is Over It is …
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Science Magazine Reveals There Is No Anonymity In Bitcoin

Although a lot of people will disagree and still claim Bitcoin is completely anonymous and perfect for criminals, a new article in Science Magazine is proving them all to be wrong. People active in the Bitcoin world have known for a long time there is no such thing as anonymity, and there is plenty of evidence to back up those claims. That doesn’t mean Bitcoin is not privacy-centric, though, as …
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