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Top 4 Signs Bitcoin Will Likely Drop to $10,000 Soon

It has become more than apparent the recent Bitcoin bull run has seemingly come to an abrupt end. After surging in value for over a week on end, the dip has kicked in and there is no real sign of recovery as of yet. To add more fuel to the fire, it seems there are some interesting statistics involving Bitcoin which do not necessarily paint a bright future.  The Price …
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5 Reasons why the Bitcoin Price Uptrend has Stalled

It has been a rather quiet week for Bitcoin so far. Despite a very promising start to May of 2019, the uptrend has ground to a halt. While that is not entirely unexpected, a lot of traders and speculators are growing antsy once again. There are several reasons as to why the Bitcoin price uptrend has stalled. How much of a role these all play in the big picture, is …
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Is VeriBlock to Blame for the 500% Rise in Bitcoin Transaction Fees?

In the cryptocurrency world, transaction fees can make or break any project. While some projects try to maintain a zero-fee transaction structure, the vast majority of them tend to charge a small amount for miners to include transactions in blocks. As such, there are some concerns over the current rise in Bitcoin transaction fees. It would appear the VeriBlock project may be contributing to this rise in fees. Why …
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