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What Is ConfirmTX?

Transaction accelerators are nothing new in the world of Bitcoin. After all, they usually allow users to speed up unconfirmed transactions at no additional cost. It is quite interesting to note that there are very few such accelerators available today. Most people have heard of the ViaBTC accelerator, but another option is ConfirmTX. With SegWit recently activating on the Bitcoin network, one should not need accelerators. Still, they can prove to be …
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ViaBTC’s Transaction Accelerator Turns Into A Paid Service 24 Hours After Launch

When the ViaBTC mining pool launched their new Transaction Accelerator initiative, there was a wave of excitement among Bitcoin community members. Having a free option to get quicker network confirmations is a great tool to alleviate network congestion. Unfortunately, their solution did not work out as planned, and less than 34 hours after launch, users have to pay for the service. ViaBTC Asks Transaction Accelerator Users To Pay It was …
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