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British Company Successfully Trademarked the Term ‘Bitcoin’

Trademarks and patents are often frowned upon in the world of cryptocurrency. This decentralized technology is designed to be free and open to everyone. As such, trademarks and patents can cause a lot of unnecessary hindrances. In the United Kingdom, one company successfully trademarked the word ‘Bitcoin’. A Trademark With Major Implications Trademarking a commonly used term is not all that straightforward. Although one could obtain a trademark for the term “Bitcoin”, …
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UK Firm Files Trademarks for BitcoinGold and BitcoinCash

Trademarks and patents often lead to heated exchanges of words in the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency world. More specifically, anyone trying to trademark existing names or terms is often scrutinized by the community, as they should be. It seems an entity in the United Kingdom is trying to trademark Bitcoin Gold and Bitcoin Cash. It’s an interesting gambit, although it is doubtful such a venture will be successful. Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin …
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