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Top 5 Security Practices for Staying Safe Online

When Tim Berners-Lee was designing the technology that would herald the Information Age, he searched for a name that would complement the intricate “network” of linked pages and sites. He eventually settled on the term “web”, which is how the World Wide Web got its name. However, the words “web” and “net” both have negative connotations. A web is what a spider weaves to trap unsuspecting flies, while a net is used …
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KickassTorrents Is Revived From The Dead And Run By Virtually The Same Crew

In a rather surprising turn of events, it appears that the KickAsstorrents platform has suddenly come back to life. This is rather unusual, as the platform was asked to shut down by law enforcement agencies. But under the new management, KAT seems to be fully compliant, and they have enabled a DMCA takedown procedure. Kickasstorrents Returns With A Plan Over the past few years, the concept of torrenting has gotten …
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