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4 Reasons why Tokenizing Ethereum Gas Makes Perfect Sense

Ethereum is one of the more interesting blockchain and cryptocurrencies ecosystems next to Bitcoin. Even so, there are genuine concerns over its capabilities to scale or reduce overall transaction costs. It appears a solution has come to market which allows users to tokenize Ethereum Gas as they see fit. There are a lot of interesting aspects to this concept, albeit it remains to be seen if and how it will …
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What Is Tokit?

Seemingly everyone on the planet has introduced their own digital token by now. Most tokens are issued on top of the Ethereum blockchain in order to take full advantage of smart contract technology. To make things slightly more interesting, there is now a multi-smart contract application out there as well. Tokit will certainly be of great interest to a lot of people, and it seems integrating this functionality won’t be too difficult either. Tokit will be …
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Tokenization Links Digital and Real Worlds Together

The hype around blockchain seems to have subsided since 2016, however, it did not die but relocated from media headlines to practical applications. One of the most prominent trends across multiple industries these days is tokenization, i.e. the method of representing any objects and assets in the form of tokens. While there are not so many companies that use the technology, their number is still growing by the day. One …
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