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Titanium ICO Suffers Theft of 16 Million Tokens from Company Wallets

We have seen multiple initial coin offerings suffer mysterious hacks and other problems after their token sales ended. It is one of the major issues associated with this particular industry. Titanium, a relatively new ICO, has fallen victim to the theft of 16 million ICO tokens. It seems this may have been an inside job, although that has not been confirmed as of right now. Titanium ICO Experiences Major Issues Even though …
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Blockchain is making way for all companies

Everyone has had a genius business idea at some point or another. Most ideas come from looking around and identifying ways life could be made better. That’s the ground-level of creating a successful enterprise. However, as good as an idea may be, there is a lot that needs to be done before it can become a reality. Disclosure: This is a Sponsored Article Several technical and time-consuming steps need to …
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